Nutrition Advice from Sal

Nutrition is an ever-changing field, with new recommendations released daily, weekly, monthly. People speak about nutrition at barbeques, dinner parties, after yoga class or while turning down a cocktail on a beach holiday. People give advice to others about their nutrition based on their own experience. To be frank, this is not the dietary advice anyone should be listening to. This isn’t to say that your friend, Sal, is wrong when she says we should all stay away from onions because it upsets her stomach. Yes, it may upset her stomach but it doesn’t mean it will upset yours. We are all made differently and react to foods differently. An eating pattern that works for me may not work for you. 

So where do we get our nutritional advice from? As nutrition is an ever-changing field, the latest scientific research should be constantly reviewed to ensure correct advice is given. There are a few options here: one-on-one consultation with a registered nutrition professional (dietitian or nutritionist), the World Health Organisation website and articles, scientific articles that have been peer-reviewed, a blog post/article done written by a registered nutrition professional. Most importantly, getting in tune with your own body and noticing what different foods do for you. 

This blog is a way for me to simplify certain nutritional areas where there may be some confusion, areas where there is some controversy or even just my experience with eating food while traveling.

I am a Registered Dietitian, vegetarian for 10 years and aspiring to eventually be free of animal products in my diet. However, my nutritional advice is not limited to a vegetarian diet as I strongly believe that everyone can follow whatever lifestyle they wish. My only hope is that whatever you do eat, whatever you put into your body… you do so mindfully; aware of where it comes from, aware of what goes into putting it on your plate.

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